Sugar Skull Photoshoot



A few weeks ago we spent a day in lovely Saracen Studio – shooting a rather interesting conceptual shoot – all planned and organized by Paul Mockford from Mockford Photography.  The ideas were rooted in the Day of the Dead atmosphere and dark, Victorian, Gothic aesthetics. I had been asked to provide an outfit for one of the models – Evangeline, and after a short session with Paul we had a sketch ready. the character was to be feminine, demure, but sexy at the same time…. and so the outfit designed offered a lot of coverage, but teasingly, it was partially transparent….

The corset was made entirely in corsetry mesh and covered in black lace….  the same lace was used to make a long skirt and a bolero jacket. once the layers were stitched firmly in place, an additional embellishment of gems and crystals ( dark crystal and purple)


Bolero  was laced at the back, to continue the lacing of the corset…



The skirt  was cut close fitting, with a flared shape, and very long to pool on the floor. At some point we planned to cut it along one of the seams for a bit more exposure….


Evie at fitting:-)

On the day the girls got ready and the fun started – they were certainly put through their modelling paces as Paul had very clear ideas of the images he wanted to achieve –  and the planning and clear direction paid off, as his images are absolutely stunning – you can see them, together with a  short video, on Paul’s blog – here

The team:

Miss Lillian Love

Evangeline McManus

Kathryn Squires – MUA

Jason Huckle

Paul Laughton – Video

Andrew @ Saracen House

Below, just a few photos Lucas took as a learning experiment…








and a few behind the scenes shots….








That day we also shot the Victorian Embers gown –  a teaser photo below, and a link to the separate post HERE 🙂


many thanks to all the team for  a fantastic day of shooting – with equally fantastic results!


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