Woo Woo Wedding memories


 It has been exactly a year ( plus a few hours) since we walking down the forest path to take our places  amidst other folks in a beautiful glade, and eagerly awaiting  the arrival of the Bride.

 The Bride was a friend of ours, Becki Thurston, and her husband to be, also a friend, Wayne Lawrence. The fabled WooWoo Wedding was a long expected and a beautifully prepared affair, mostly relying on a DIY skills of all the people involved. and, oh my, didn’t it work!

 The invites were handmade and explained clearly the ceremony and all festivities – including dress inspiration -midsummer night dream, in a very eclectic form, was the key, in short, it was encouraged to wear’ the one thing you always wanted to wear and didn’t have a suitable occasion to do so..’

 The venue – a field and a glade near Tournament Stud in Brackley  again,  run by friends). the decoration etc were mostly a joint effort – everybody helped. we contributed with about 60 m of silk bunting…

Bedford Borough-20120526-00183

making the bunting

 The party has been going on since Thursday, with a registry ceremony Saturday morning, if I remember well – but the great reception, with the hand fasting ceremony was taking place in the glade, on Saturday afternoon.

 We arrived just in time to see  Sarah and Lizzie finishing the bridal and guests hair styling, and the guests were slowly starting to make their way towards the Glade. we quickly pitched our tent, changed into our glad rags and joined the guests


the groom, slightly nervous, but looking dashing!


guests getting ready for the ceremony

 When the time came, we all entered the woods, walking along a lovely path, taking in all the sights…


LJP_2322 guests arriving at the glade




    LJP_2335 LJP_2339 LJP_2343

the first glimpse of the bridesmaids and the bride…

LJP_2352 LJP_2355

 the ceremony…. we were a bit at the back, so please excuse the poor quality pictures!

LJP_2357 LJP_2364

 and all done,  the happy couple leaving to all of us singing ‘ Over the fields and far away’. the si.nging must have been pretty poor as the couple climbed onto their carriage and legged it… closely followed by the rest of the  crowd

LJP_2369 LJP_2378 LJP_2381 LJP_2389

 and on the main filed  – mostly colourful tents with lovely surprised in them

  LJP_2400 LJP_2412

we loved the quest book and managed to sketch  our entry too:-)

 LJP_2415 LJP_2418

 and in the main tent – food! and the CAKE!



The speeches were moving and funny, food good, company divine –  in short a fantastic time was had by all!

 Woo 383

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